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August 2018 - Scanner BC Unlimited - Scan any barcode to your website!
No monthly fees, unlimited users, just one time purchase!
Scanner BC Unlimited on iTunes

Feb 2018 - Brazilian Pavers & Works - Superior Paver installation for Central Florida!
Need a new driveway? Pool deck or retaining wall? Brazilian Pavers and Works will make it happen today!
November 2017 - - A Sales Manager's Dream!
Attention Sales Managers! Whether you are selling cars, boats, trucks, planes, etc, you need TopAutoSalesman to increase your sales!
March 2017 - - Custom resort style swimming pool builder
Create your backyard Oasis now with Thompson Pools and Spas!
February 2016 - - Text from your desktop! allows Attorneys to send a text message to any or all Attorneys right from your desktop!
July 2011 Name That Movie!
Name That Movie for the iPad available in iTunes! The most addictive movie trivia game! Name That Movie
April 2011 Back Pain Nerve Chart
Dash Technologies creates iPad app for every Chiropractor
Jan-2011 Dash Tech Wins MS Tshirt and $100
Dash Technologies wins MS T-Shirt and $100 visa card for submitting DVD Catalog for WP7 marketplace!
Do you need an iPhone or iPad app for your business? Please contact us  today and we can give you a quote in just one day!
December 2010
Our website now supports iPhone, iPad and Windows Phone 7 mobile phones!
November 2010
Dash Technologies has over 80 iPhone/iPad apps in the Apple iTunes Store! Visit to view our apps.
December 2010
Doctors we have written iPhone Apps for:Dr. Fiala, Dr. Sanjay Grover, Dr. Furnas and Dr. Canales, Dr. Kurt and Dr. Eric Tompkins, Dr. Mark Yezak, Dr. Barry Heffron
Visit to view the above doctors apps!

Welcome Dash Technologies!

Dash Technologies takes your business into the 21st century by providing custom software development, web design and engineering services. We offer desktop and web-based applications, large-scale web services, wireless systems, turn-key automation & control systems, application hosting, technical support services, routine programming, and more.  We use all Microsoft .NET technologies such as ASP.NET, SQL Server and Oracle.

Need an iPhone or iPad App for your or your business? Please pick up the phone and contact us now. We can give you a quote the same day! Please fill out our contact form.

Recent Clients

  • Law firms can text any Attorney right from their desktop! - Send Unlimited texts to Attorneys allows Attorneys and Paralegals to text Attorneys cell phones right from their desktop! Login to, find your attorney and start typing a message. Click the SEND button! Attorney gets a text message in seconds. Email is good, but a text is instantaneous!

  • MyBreastAug iPhone App by Dr. Sanjay Grover

    Dr. Sanjay Grover - Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon

    Created iPhone App "My Breast Aug" for the iPhone  The most advanced breast augmentation app!
    Also, please check out Dr. Grover's website:Newport Beach Plastic Surgery Website

    The best DVD Cataloger app for organizing your DVDs!! Thousands have already purchased our DVD Catalog app available on the iPhone, iPad and WP7 phones! Visit today and see for yourself!
  • WP7 Golf Club Selector

    Windows Phone 7 Apps

    We currently have 11 WP7 apps in the Zune Market Place! Visit for more details! Also check out our new Golf Club Selector app for the Windows Phone 7!

  • The Cartoon Express

    We recommend The Cartoon Express for quality Vector graphics for apps and websites.

  • Tradigital Designs

    Illustrator/Animator/Designer Andre Adams